The dancer must attend and participate in the competition audition classes & auditions. The dancers may choose which styles they would like to audition for but must audition for jazz. The results of the auditions will be posted on the website on Monday, June 10th. Dances will be posted on Sunday, July 7th, 2019.
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POLICIES - I have read, understand, and will comply with all of the policies of the Dance Factory and the requirements for the 2019-2020 Company.*
REQUIREMENTS - As listed in the Company Details my child plans to participate in the required CORE classes, rehearsals, competitions, etc.*
BIRTH CERTIFICATE - I will submit a copy of my child's birth certificate. PERTAINS TO NEW COMPETITION STUDENTS ONLY.*
FEES - I understand that all fees are non refundable, will be automatically debited when due unless prior payment is received, and that I must have an active credit card on file at all times.*
LATE FEES/COMPANY REMOVAL - I understand that late fees apply when fees are not paid on time and could result in removal from the Company if delinquent more than 60 days. *
NATIONAL COMPANY - I would like my dancer to participate and audition for the National Company. I understand that placement will be based on age as well as skill level.*
NATIONAL COMPANY - I understand that there are additional requirements to participate on the National Company. *
Please enter the total number of competition dances you are willing to participate in / pay for. This number should INCLUDE the required Company Production number.*
I understand that Company Production participation is required.*
Please enter the total number of professionally choreographed dances you are willing to participate in / pay for. The estimated choreography fee is $250 - $350 per dance.*
I understand that if I am placed in a professionally choreographed dance I will be required to attend all scheduled rehearsals.*
I would like my dancer to participate in TRICKS AND ACRO class. I understand the additional tuition fees.*
I would like my dancer to participate in STABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY class. I understand the additional tuition fees. *REQUIRED FOR NATIONAL COMPANY DANCERS**
I would like my dancer to participate in HIP HOP & JAZZ FUNK COMBO class. I understand the additional tuition fees.*
I would like my dancer to participate in TAP TECHNIQUE class. *REQUIRED FOR NATIONAL COMPANY DANCERS* I understand the additional tuition fees.*
I would like for my dancer to participate in the additional COMPANY BALLET class. I understand that this class will be on an additional night during the week. *REQUIRED FOR NATIONAL COMPANY DANCERS**
HIP HOP LINES/SMALL GROUPS - I understand that in order to be considered for a hip hop line or small group, my dancer my dancer must take the HIP HOP/JAZZ FUNK COMBO class.*
Please list any other activities you are involved in and any conflict dates.*
I understand the Company Attendance Expectations and the consequences if I do not fulfill my attendance expectations for the Company.*
I understand that May 13th, my credit card will be charged $95 for the following; $50 audition fee and $45 registration fee, unless pre-paid. *
By checking the "yes" box, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement.*
I have read through and answered all of the above questions. INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.*
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